Amish Log Furniture Made in Maine.



Mount Timoney Collection

The town of Smyrna was incorporated in northern Maine on march 7th 1839.James Timoney pioneered to Smyrna in 1880 as an explorer and surveyor of lumber. His family settled into the Smyrna area and the 818 foot mountain named in their honor is testament to the wonderful woods that kept them captivated in this picturesque setting.In the midst of conifer and vibrant leafy trees,Mount Timoney is a sight to behold in northeastern Maine.A plethora of beautiful stands of trees serve as the bedrock for the growing furniture collections and their marvelous hand - hewn bedroom,living room and dining room sets.

Aroostock Collection

The largest county east of the Mississippi River, Aroostock County has a vast open farming land and rich,lush forests teeming with wildlife.Formed in 1839, farm life and lumbering were the Maine sources of growth and industry. A strong connection to the land exists yet today with much of the county's industry still tied to the bounty of the earth and the growth of potatoes. Take a leisurely trip into the northern wilds and find century-old farm homes and barns on old settlements. The people that lived in these structures are as home-grown and earthy as the awe inspiring workmanship of there care-worn barns. In homage to their loyalty to the land, we have crafted this collection of furniture from barnwood, as rustic and rich as the soil of Aroostock County.

Katahdin Collection

Named by the Penobscot Indians, Katahdin is the highest peak in Maine, and has been preserved in Baxter State Park as the centerpiece by Governor Percival Baxter since the 1930s. A thriving woods industry syrvives at the northen terminus of the Appalachian Trail in nearby Millinocket. The rich woods of the area are inspiring by their girth and height. A breathtaking set of bedroom, dining room and living room furniture has been designed, handcrafted and bent to luxurious perfection.